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Why Stem Cell?

Treatment Process
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What is HOMING?

What Conditions Can Be Treated?

Hi Everybody! It's Johnny "Double Pain" Graziano here - your host at MPR-TV (Modern Pain Relief), bringing you CellTherapy101.com and the main essentials about Stem Cell Therapy. I'm here to share with you my complete journey on film as I volunteer to explore ALL modalities of pain relief and therapy options because of my endless list of injuries that plague my life from my years of training as a triathlete (and not to mention the unforgiving results of aging). I'm next on the list to experience the effects of Stem Cell Therapy and with my video interviews with Dr. Andrew Rochman, I'm hoping to get all the answers I need to get started. For all the reasons why I'm excited about this treatment science, over 30 years of research and 80+ million search results worth of information out there tells me this is has the potential of (finally) helping to heal MY personal issues- and hopefully, yours!

Full Report: Stem Cell Consultation
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Recovery Time?



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